Brut Prestige

This Cuvée is our flagship Champagne. Its nose is open, pleasing and delicate, it offers us dried fruits and almond aromas.

 Its attack in the mouth is sharp and voluptuous, long on the palate with fresh feelings. 

Chardonnay gives delicacy and lightness, Pinot Noir gives suppleness and roundness. 

This attractive Cuvée will seduce you in any occasion.

Grape variety

75% Pinot Noir
5% Chardonnay

Wine maturation

Stainless vat


60% harvest from 2016
40% reserved wine

Aged in cellar​

36 - 48 months​




Only in « Les Riceys »,
Average age 30 years​

Discover more Champagne

Discover more Champagne

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