Brut Rosé

Mainly from Pinot Noir with a deep pink color, this Champagne’s got a fresh and distinguished nose. 

You won’t have any difficulties founding the soft fruit aromas (strawberry – raspberry). 

In the mouth, this structured and subtle wine will be appreciated by lovers of tasty aperitifs and women in general. 

Well-balanced, this Brut Rosé is a perfect match for aperitifs and soft fruit desserts.

Available in 1/2 bottle and bottle. 

Grape variety

90% Pinot Noir
10 % Chardonnay

Wine maturation

Stainless vat


80% harvest from 2016
20% reserved wine

Aged in cellar​

24 - 36 months




Only in « Les Riceys »,
Average age 30 years​

Discover more Champagne

Discover more Champagne

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